Konishiki & Jorma

Konishiki Yasokichi, born Saleva'a Fuauli Atisano'e on December 31, 1963), is a Hawaiian-born Japanese–Samoan former sumo wrestler. After sumo, he began to turn his talents to music, most notably with his collaboration with Rimi Natsukawa as well as L-Burna on the song 'Livin Like Kings'. He often sings and raps in a mixture of English and Japanese. Konishiki is also famous for his ukulele playing. He loves to use our Big Island Ukulele. Konishiki uses the Tenor Cutaway Deluxe XXX with the Fishman Active Matrix Pickup.

Konishiki and Juke Jamming Away

Konishiki and Yoshi "Juke" Okachi jamming together on Big Island Ukuleles but with a little too much background music

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Yoshihiro Okachi

Yoshihiro Okachi

Juke is one of the best ukulele players in Japan and rivals the best in the world. His ear for music is unrivaled. He arranges, composes and writes music for the ukulele especially famous Japanese songs. He can be seen playing regularly with Konishiki in Nagoya at LeaLea Hale.

Yoshi Juke Okachi at Diamond Head Cove Honolulu

Big Island Ukulele Co.'s own professional ukulele player and star in Japan, Yoshi "Juke" Okachi jamming at the Diamond Head Cove in Honolulu Hawaii.

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Alicia Grant

Alicia Grant with big lisland ukulele

Alicia Grant is a Southern California Based, independent pop rock solo artist whose music encompasses radiant, hook driven pop songs with world beats and electronic undertones. She is a songwriter and musician who just released her self produced sophomore album "Moon Over Mars." Shi is one of Best New Female Music Artists, Beat Shakerz Feat.

Come To My Window (Melissa Etheridge Cover)

Live Acoustic Performance of the Melissa Etheridge cover Come To My Window from August 25th

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Jason Ho

Jason Hoo

Maui's own famous ukulele player, singer, songwriter. He was a music enthusiast for Hawaiian, jazz world, fusion, rock, classical, reggae, r&b, blues, old country and more. He said "My goal is to share positive feelings, to spread joy and happiness and to heal and soothe people as music has done for me."

Jason Ho + Juke Okachi Kanikapila at Diamond Head Cove

In Honolulu at the Diamond Head Cove at an improntu kanikapila jam session with Jason Ho and Yoshi "Juke" Okachi playing their Big Island Ukulele co. ukes! This is the first night ever these guys played together and it sounded as if they were playing together for years!

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Artists Speak

Endorsements & Happy Users

Thanakorn Banmai Thailand

To whom it may concern, Big Island is the most beautiful ukulele in the world.

Mark Mortimer Yorkshire, England

I have become completely besotted by your instruments. I'm particularly taken with the deluxe cut-away Honu XXX tenor along with the rope finish.

Rodney Perth, Western Australia

Hi Sam
The shipment finally arrived this morning and I am very pleased with the Honu uke and the case – beautiful koa, great workmanship and sound – also excellent neck and fretboard action – the best I have played!
Thanks again for your A1 professional service and excellent communication during this purchase.

Jay Vinton Honolulu, Hawaii

I just wanted to drop a line about my new Big Island Ukulele. I just bought it yesterday and it's a Tenor Mahogany single cutaway A/E. I must say how pleased I am with the overall craftsmanship and sound from this ukulele. I chose the plain less adorned model in the style that I am accustomed to. I purchased it at Easy music in Pearl City. I just wanted to let you know what a fine instrument this is and plugged into my small VOX practice amp, it's really beautiful.

Sébastien Geniez France

I’m from France and we begin to see Honu ukuleles in French web shops. I tried a Rope tenor one time and was impressed by the quality of the uke. A very good sound……a very good uke in my opinion.
Thanks by advance for your response (and sorry for my English…).

2nd mailing…
I just received the uke today. great sound! a wonderfull neck with frets just as I like it: not too big. Very playable. It's a pleasure! I just set the action lower (maybe memories of my electrical guitar period...) and let's go! I watched the NAMM interview by Aldrine, your mango ukes are beautiful !!! and for information the uke is in Rouen  ;-)
Delighted with this uke!

Benno Schlumpf Switzerland

I just want to say that I bought a U-BT-NXE-TRC Ukulele It's a wonderful instrument. The fretboard and the neck are perfectly made and she is perfect in tune. This Ukulele has inspired me to write a composition. I have added the youtube-link where you can see and hear the song (if you like :-)
Thanks and Greetings from Switzerland

Grant Barnett England

I recently got myself a XXX Honu Deluxe tenor cutaway and it is fantastic. It was my dream ukulele and is ever better than I epxected now I own it and play it every day. I bought the uke form Southern ukuleles in Bournemouth.
I was playing the Uke at the weekend at the Uke Fest of Great Britain....everyone wanted to touch 'Honey' the Honu !!

Herman Vandecauter

I bought a Honu concert Rope and I must admid, very nyce ukelele! Here is my first recording
I think I'm going to put it on a youtube also very soon!

Donna Brewer

I bought one of your instruments. I love it. Please direct me to a good source of Hawaiian Favorites Song Books including the oldies like "Lovely Hula Hands, Tiny Bubbles, Blue Hawaii etc.

Charles Sands

I purchased a TRC-KXXX several years ago and it is a beautiful and fantastic-sounding instrument!


… it is a gorgeous ukulele! The way the fretboard rounds out above the sound hole and the simple turtle inlay design (with no logos) on the headstock are beautiful finishing touches.

Diann Worzalla

Yes! Thank you for following up!  My contact is Michael in Hawaii (ebay).  He is great to work with. It is only a matter of time before I buy one of your beautiful instruments.  Thanks again

Duncan Perry

Greetings Honu Folk,
I recently bought a Honu Standard Tenor ukulele. I love it! Could you tell me what the finish is that you used on it? What should I use to clean the finish? How often? Any other maintenance things I ought to do apart from keeping fretboard and strings wiped down? Thanks for your help.

Graham Johnson California

Dear Mr. Winkler,
I have owned some of the very best custom made fretted instruments. The workmanship of yours is comparable.
I received excellent service from Michael at Musicguymic.
I have designed fretted musical instruments; as a music historian, have been a contributor to The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (MacMillian & Co.) since 1973; have been a consultant to The American Guild of Luthery; and am the founder of the Los Angeles-St. Petersburg Russian Folk Orchestra (see YouTube).


I received my Honu Deluxe Tenor Ukulele, Its absolutely beautiful, its voice is sweet and resonates through this special wood for a longer than normal time. A sign of a well made Ukulele.

Graham Johnson California

Dear Sirs:
Yesterday, I bought a Honu rope-style tenor uke from Musicguymic. I've owned many instruments during the years. I have rarely owned one with such attention to detail, materials and labor. It is a visual showpiece. I look forward to it becoming played-in so that I could appreciate it even more.

Chris Lamberger

Mahalo for the reply. I am fairly new to the Ukulele, I have been playing for about a year, started with a cheap soprano, got a nice concert, and then was searching for a tenor, and came across your Honu. I have to say, best looking curly koa one I have seen, and I am a Honu fan….

Hannah Meine Bremen, Germany

Thank you very much, you have just wonderful instruments!
Thanks again for your welcoming service and keep building those beautiful pieces of art!

Aloha Jorma Winkler!
Thank you very much for your kind answer! It took me a while to find out that a friend of mine who had promised to get me the Honu I would like is keeping his promise. I would have liked to accept the offered less-curly-uke you wrote about but now I will keep my promise to the friend and buy the ukulele he is getting me from RISA.
Thanks again for your welcoming service and keep building those beautiful pieces of art!

Nicoletta Gerlach

Hello Jorma,
We were at the Uke-stand in Franfurt. Wonderful Ukuleses again!!,
I love my Instrument! As I´m playing also Quattro from Venezuela, and Brüko-Ukulelies (german), yours is definitely the best one!
Thank you very much again! My brother is teaching Ukulele now in school, as he is a teacher.
Yours, sincerely

Mike deGuzman Idaho

Hello, I just got my brand new Ukulele today (CT-KRGT). As I was trying to tune it the first time, the no. "1" string (A) broke! I was wondering if you can tell me which is the "exact model" Aquila replacement string to buy? Is this a normal occurrence? I love this Uke, Thanks in advance!

UkuleleBartt Los Angeles, California

Aloha -
Just thought I'd let you know that I put a link to your site on mine. I love your ukes!
Your link at Bartt.net:    bartt.net/LinksPage.htm

Michael Toyoshima Los Angeles, California

Hello: I have purchased a CT-KRGT from Island Bazaar and a TR-KRGT from Island Legends and wanted to say thanksfor such nice and reasonably priced instruments. I also have a mahogany concert and tenor Honus from a few years back, both also good sounding and nice looking instruments.
A question I have is will you be selling a hardshell case for your instruments? I notice the new KRGTs have larger bodies and don’t fit into normal hardshell cases. The cases currently included with the instruments seem sturdy enough but I prefer a hardcase.
Best of luck on this new line of ukuleles!
Thank you

Frank Mozino

Hi Jorma,
Thanks for your generous options. I couldn’t be more pleased with how I’ve been treated. You have been very accommodating in helping me with this issue, and treated me as well as one of your dealers would.
My preference for low action is the exception I am sure, and will not be an issue for most players. I’ve also been doing some research, and agree that I’ll have to pay at least double to get what I’m asking for. Unfortunately, the instrument action is a quality that I can’t do without.
I think I’d like to do a bit more searching and see if I can find a uke designed with lower action in mind, at around double the price range. One thing for certain is that, for the money, there is no instrument out there as well made, or as beautiful a wood, or as well appointed as the Honu.
So, yes, I accept your generous offer of a refund and will let you know how I end up.
I’ll send you a copy of the tune that prominently features the Honu, as soon as it’s completed, and would be happy to endorse the instrument. I know that you are not in the business of selling one uke at a time, but the way you handled this situation speaks volumes about your character. Thank you again,


I love my Honu that I got from Music Guy Mike almost 2 years ago. I took a gamble buying without playing, but he has a god dealer reputation for having quality instruments. So I am happy now that I took the chance! This uke records really well, there is very little overtone or distortion through an amp. I have only used it for recording. It sounds best amplified. I used it on my latest song, Tiki Lady.
The YouTube video link for the song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf2cKRT5zB4

Franco Fanizzi Italy

Hi Jorma,
thanks for your availability and sympathy to the NAMM Show, the flight back in Italy has gone very well, and both ukuleles are perfect and I am starting to play them with the band...
hope to see you soon, maybe to the next NAMM Show, plese let me know if you come in Italy


Jorma just saw your web site and its looking good. I received the traditional tenor on Friday and must tell you its beautiful. The sound is excellent and the action is great! I can't find any fault in the instrument! I look forward to placing more orders from the Honu line.

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Handmade Koa Ukulele by Artist EBB, Mr. Bacani. Solid Hawaii Koa.Handmade Koa Ukulele by Artist EBB, Mr. Bacani. Solid Hawaii Koa.Handmade Koa Ukulele by Artist EBB, Mr. Bacani. Solid Hawaii Koa.Handmade Koa Ukulele by Artist EBB, Mr. Bacani. Solid Hawaii Koa.